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Therapy for teens and adults

A safe space for healing, growth, & transformation

What we do

Get the support you need to navigate your changing life and relationships. Therapy can help you understand yourself better and clarify how to handle difficult decisions.

Understand your past and your reactions to it and get unstuck from old patterns. Processing trauma will help you move forward and regain a sense of wellbeing.

Learn coping strategies to manage your feelings and overcome the overwhelm. Regulating your emotions will help you become more resilient and connected to yourself and others.

Ashley Allen


I’m passionate about making therapy a safe and supportive space for you, where you can be totally open and we can explore your needs and goals. I believe that every individual has the capacity to heal and grow, and I can help you explore your inner world, and identify your unique strengths and resources.

Together we can process your past, identify how your current patterns might be keeping you stuck, and find a way forward that aligns with your values. I specialize in trauma-focused & strengths based therapy.

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I'm currently seeing clients via tele-health in either the state of Utah or Maryland. Due to licensing laws, you must be physically present in the state at the time of session.

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